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Fart Happens: A Selected Review of the Literature of Farting


There are 64 books in this list.


Nohain, Jean and François Caradec, Le Petomane. Los Angeles: Sherbourne Press, Inc., 1968.

Children -- fiction

Auerbach, Annie, Good, the Bad, & the Gassy. Los Angeles: Tokyopop, 2006.

Auerbach, Annie, Trouble at Twilight Cave. [Los Angeles]: Tokoyopop, 2009.

Chivus, Mitch; illustrated by Mike Reed, Fartsy Claus. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2007.

Jinkins, Jim, Pinky Dinky Doo : Pinky Stinky Doo. New York, NY: Random House, 2006.

Kotzwinkle, William and Glenn Murray; illustrated by Audrey Colman, Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale. New York, NY: Dutton Children’s Books, 2004.

Kotzwinkle, William, Glenn Murray, and Elizabeth Gundy ; illustrated by Audrey Colman, Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog. New York, NY: Dutton Children’s Books, 2005.

Kotzwinkle, William, Glenn Murray, and Elizabeth Gundy ; illustrated by Audrey Colman, Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise. New York, NY: Dutton Children’s Books, 2006.

Kotzwinkle, William; and Glenn Murray ; illustrated by Audrey Colman, Walter, the Farting Dog. Berkeley, Calif.: Frog, Ltd., 2001.

Kotzwinkle, William; Glenn Murray and Elizabeth Gundy ; illustrated by Audrey Colman, Walter the Farting Dog: Banned from the Beach. New York: Dutton Children’s Books, 2007.

Lee, Taylor and Peter van Dijk, Winchell Cuts the Cheese. Berkeley, Calif.: Tricycle Press, 2005.

Lloyd, Sam, Farting Fred and the Dog Show. Philadelphia, PA: Running Press Kids, 2005.

McKy, Katie; illustrated by Tracy Hill, It All Began with a Bean. Terre Haute, IN: Tanglewood Press, 2004.

Müller, Birte; translated by Marianne Martens, Farley Farts. New York, NY: North-South Books, 2003.

Munsch, Robert N.; art by Alan Daniel, Good Families Don't. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1990.

Perlman, Rhea; illustrated by Dan Santat, Brink of Ex-stink-tion: Otto Undercover #5. New York: Katherine Tegen Books, 2007.

Pittau, Francisco and Gervais, Bernadette, Terry Toots!. San Francisco, Calif: Chronicle Books, 1997.

Roberts, David, Pee-Ew! Is That You, Bertie?. New York, NY: Harry N. Abrams, 2004.

Turdlow, Scootchie; illustrations by Patti Argoff, Little Lord Farting Boy. Berkeley, Calif.: Frog Books, 2004.

Wetzel, Donald, Joel's Journal and Fact-Filled Fart Book. Bayside, NY?: Planet Books, 1994.

Children -- nonfiction

Branzei, Sylvia, Grossology. New York, NY: Price Stern Sloan, 2002.

Buxbaum, Susan Kovacs and Rita Golden Gelman; pictures by Angie Lloyd, Body noises. New York, NY: A.A. Knopf, 1983.

Krull, Kathleen and Paul Brewer; illustrated by Boris Kulikov, Fartiste. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2008.

Shinta Cho; translated by Amanda Mayer Stinchecum, The Gas We Pass: the Story of Farts. Brooklyn, N.Y: Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 1994.


Historia Naturalis Vaporum Als Naturgeschichte Der Fürze: Zu Deutsch Verdollmetschet, Mit Gelehrten Annotationibus Illustriret, Wohl Gesetzet Und Ans Licht Gestellet. Vaduz: H. Gassner, 1977.

Bolin, Terry and Rosemary Stanton, Wind Breaks: Coming to Terms with Flatulence. New York: Bantam Books, 1995.

Dawson, Jim, Blame It on the Dog: a Modern History of the Fart. Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed Press, 2006.

Dawson, Jim, Who Cut the Cheese?: a Cultural History of the Fart. Berkeley, Calif.: Ten Speed Press, 1999.

Dornau, Caspar, L’art De Péter : Essai Théori-physique et Méthodique à L’usage Des Personnes Constipées, Des Personnages Graves & Austères, Des Dames Mélancoliques, et De Tous Ceux Qui Sont Esclaves du Préjugé. En Westphalie : Chez Florent-Q, rue Pet-en-Gueule, au Soufflet, 1776 [i.e. Chartres : Durand, 1873]: , 1873.

Lauvrijs, Bart; met medewerking van Heidi Goossens, Het Ultieme Schetenboek: Historische, Medische, Folkloristische, En Simpelweg Frivole Feiten over De Scheet. Antwerpen: Standaard, 2006.

Milian Leider, der Pharmazie beflissener Magister, Dr. humoris causa der Univers. Pforzheim, Historia Naturalis Vaporum ex Humano Corpore Effluentium. Naturgeschichte Der Fürze. Vapeur's Natural History. Zu Deutsch Verdolmetschet Mit Gelehrten Annotationibus, Auch Aus Neuerer Zeit, Wohlgesetzet and Ans Licht Gestellt. Stuttgart-Obertürkheim: Keil, 1966.

Nibbelink, Don D, Don D. Nibbelink's Fearsome Folklore of Farting. Berkeley, Calif.: Frog Books, 2008.

Rabkin, Eric S. and Eugene M. Silverman, It’s a Gas: a Study of Flatulence. San Bernadino: R. Reginald, Borgo Press, 1991.


Richman, Josh and Anish Sheth, What’s My Pee Telling Me?. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2009.


Allen, Valerie, On Farting : Language and Laughter in the Middle Ages. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

Bourke, John G., Scatalogic Rites of All Nations. Washington, D.C.: Lowdermilk, 1891.

Bourke, John G.; edited and with an introduction by Louis P. Kaplan ; foreword by Sigmund Freud, The Portable Scatalog. New York, NY: William Morrow and Co., 1994.

Feixas, Jean, Histoire Anecdotique du Pet De L'antiquité à Nos Jours. Paris: Editions Ramsay/J.-J. Pauvert, 1991.

Japiske, Carl, Fart Proudly: Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read in School. Columbus, Ohio: Enthea Press, 1990.

Persels, Jeff and Russell Ganim, editors; general editors, Martin Stannard and Greg Walker, Fecal Matters in Early Modern Literature and Art: Studies in Scatology. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2004.


Who Farted Now?. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1990.

The Van Zanzibar Testaments: Being an Historical Record of Dr. Hugo Maximilian Van Zanzibar’s Resonance Therapeutic Researches of the Lives of Moses and Jesus of Nazareth. Amenia, N.Y.: White Whale Press, 2004.

Bower, Crai S.; illustrations by Travis Millard, Farts: a Spotter's Guide. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2008.

Fornwald, Mike, Gone with the Winds. Milwaukee, Wisc.: Pleas, 1994.

Fox, Charles James, An Essay Upon Wind with Curious Anecdotes of Eminent Peteurs. Humbly Dedicated to the Lord Chancellor. Potsdam: Peter Puffendorf, 1800.

Gazz, Pazzin, I Just Love to Fart Cookbook. Bradley, IL: Lindsay Publications, Inc., 2002.

Gury, Christian, Proust et La Femme Pétomane. Paris: Kimé, 2002.

Japikse, Carl, Zen of Farting: Teachings from Original Zen Master Reepah Gud Wan by a Disciple. Atlanta, Ga: Enthea Press, 2003.

Limbach, Alfred; illustriert von Tomi Ungerer; herausgegeben von Robert Pütz, Der Furz. Köln: Argos Press, 1980.

Marrs, Lee, The Compleat Fart and Other Bodily Emissions. Milwaukee, WI: Kitchen Sink Enterprises, 1973.

Nations, Opal Louis, Etiquette of Flatulence. New York, NY: Hyena Editions, 1981.

Nesbo, Jo; illustrated by Mike Lowery, Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder. New York: Aladdin, 2010.

Prombles, E. Slove, Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum : a Dictionary of Fartology. Brockport, N.Y.: Melodious Publications, 1981.

Prombles, E. Slove, Flatulence Denied!: Stalking the Fartological Imperative : an Intraluminal Production. Brockport, N.Y.: Melodious Publications, 1983.

Puff-indorst, Don Fartinando (attributed to Jonathan Swift), The Benefit of Farting Explained, or, The Fundament-all Cause of the Distempers Incident to the Fair-sex, Enquired Into: Proving à Posteriori Most of the Dis-ordures In-tail'd Upon Them, Are Owing to Flatulencies Not Seasonably Vented. London: A. Moore, 1722.

The Committee for Public Safety; illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley and Sam Gross Goya, Bean Report: a Leisure Service of the Committee for Public safety. New York, NY: Warner Books, 1984.

Wetzel, Donald, Dictionary of F*rts. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1985.

Wetzel, Donald, Unabridged Dictionary of F*rts. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1986.

Wetzel, Donald; illustrated by Martin Riskin, Fart Book. Watertown, MA: Ivory Tower Pub. Co., 1984.


Sauers, Joan, Get to Know Your Gut: Everything You Wanted to Know about Burping, Bloating, Candida, Constipation, Food Allergies, Farting, and Poo but Were Afraid to Ask. New York, NY: Marlowe, 2005.

Stewart, Melissa, Blasts of Gas : the Secrets of Breathing, Burping, and Passing Gas. New York, NY: Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2009.


Meifering, Chiel, A Fart in a Blizzard: for violoncello and accordion. Amsterdam: Donemus, 1991.


Gratius, Ortuinus, d. 1542, Laus Petandi. L’elogi Del Pet.. Barcelona: Editorial Pòrtic, 1970.


Colin, Jean-Paul, Le Dico du Cul. Paris: P. Belfond, 1989.

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