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Twelve Tacky Days of Kitschmas - This is my rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas, using nothing but my fabulous tacky treasures. >> more

Barfing Rudolph SweatshirtBarfing Rudolph Sweatshirt - Kaycee's got a hot glue gun, and she isn't afraid to use it! It looks like she's commemorating the time that Rudolph got into Santa's bag, and ate too much. >> more

Santa's OuthouseSanta's Outhouse - Santa has a workshop, why not an outhouse? If only he could keep those rascally reindeer from playing pranks on him while he's in there trying to do his business. >> more

Tacky Christmas Gift BagTacky Christmas Gift Bag - It doesn't look tacky when you look at it from this angle. But when you turn it to the side, it reminds me of something else, that is not necessarily so Christmas-y. >> more

Billiard Ball Christmas OrnamantsBilliard Ball Christmas Ornamants - When I think about Christmas traditions, playing pool is not one of the activities that springs to my mind. But who am I to knock someone else's traditions (unless they are tacky)?. >> more

Rubber Duck Nativity SceneRubber Duck Nativity Scene - Everything's ducky, here in Bethlehem, from the Holy Family of Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus to the Three Kings bearing rubber gifts. >> more

Santa Girl and the Gingerbread ManSanta Girl and the Gingerbread Man -This is about the tackiest Christmas ornament I have ever seen. >> more

Chanukah PeppermillChanukah Peppermill - I usually don't include kitsch from religions outside the broad spectrum of Christianity. >> more

Pooping ReindeerPooping Reindeer - What can I say? This tacky treasure speaks for itself. It dispenses small, brown candies from, well, surely you can imagine. >> more

Pooping SnowmanPooping Snowman - Don't let the pure whiteness of this fellow fool you; those aren't snowballs piled up next to him. >> more

Santa PiñataSanta Piñata - Yes, nothing says Christmas like taking a swing at Santa's head with a wooden stick. >> more

Naked Santa - His cheeks are red! >> more

Humbug PinHumbug Pin - I'm not a Scrooge, really. I just get tired of Christmas carols by Thanksgiving, especially after they've been playing everywhere since right after Halloween. >> more

The Miracle on 34th StreetThe Miracle on 34th Street - You stroll down Chestnut Avenue, and take a left on 34th Street, and suddenly evening turns to almost day. >> more

Billiard Ball OrnamentsMORE CHRISTMAS TACKINESS - Haven't had enough? >> more


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