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Three-legged Deer Lamp

Three-legged deer lamp
Three-legged deer lamp
Potomac West Interiors,
corner of Mt. Vernon Avenue and
Monroe Street,
Alexandria, Virginia

Oh, Deer.

I took a picture of this lamp in an antique store in Alexandria, Virginia in March 2002. It has since been sold, and according to the proprietor, they were glad to see it go. I have no idea if the purchaser paid the full asking price, but I sure wouldn't. It's not that I couldn't afford to buy it. Let's just say that $115.00 is about what I'd expect them to pay me to take it off their hands. So, I shot this deer with my trusty Nikon Coolpix 880. It seemed more humane.

As if the photorealistic lamp shade isn't tacky enough, the base of the lamp is made of three (not four) deer hooves. What I would like to know is, how long did that hunter wait in the cold for a three-legged deer to come along?

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