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Toilet Radio

This toilet radio came in the mail -- a purchase from eBay made when I was cooped up in our house during the blizzard of February 2010. It is only 4 inches tall, made of yellow and white plastic, with the word "Stellarsonic" labeled on the the tank. The speaker is located in the bowl, under the plastic lid. It made me wonder what might be the most appropriate sound to come out of it.

Once I put a 9-volt battery in it, it pulled a strong signal from nearby WTOP. Since I got it during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the announcer was saying, "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! You are about to hear Olympic results before they are televised." It made me laugh to hear a 1960s science fiction TV program reference on a radio that was made about the same time.

I fiddled with the radio tuner on the left side of the tank, and sent it all the way to the other end of the frequency range. A woman shrieked something about C-SPAN turning off their cameras whenever she entered a room. The host thanked her, saying "...that was Ann Coulter, and I'm Sean Hannity." I thought that the toilet had found its own level, and I turned it off before hearing any more.

I haven't had a battery radio in so long, and I wasn't sure what I would have done during the blizzard if we had lost power. Next time, I know I'll have my plastic toilet radio to rely upon, although I'll probably turn the dial back in the direction of WTOP -- away from political rhetoric, which has never done me much good during an emergency.

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