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Philip Garner's Better Living Catalog

Philip Garner's Better Living Catalog
Garner, Philip.
Philip Garner's Better Living Catalog:
62 Absolute Necessities for
Contemporary Survival.

New York: Delilah
Communications, Ltd., 1982

Some may follow Martha Stewart, but when it comes to better living, nothing has changed my life like Philip Garner's Better Living Catalog. In gratitude to Mr. Garner, I'm prepared to give away some of my most precious secrets. The impeccable personal hygiene I am able to maintain camping at old-time music festivals (despite water shortages) is thanks to "Shower In A Can," the "refreshing soft water shower in an aerosol can." My fabulous dance stylings had their genesis when I acquired the "Dance Instruction Shoes," which feature a pair of women's pumps and a pair of men's wingtips fused together at the toes. "A foolproof method for learning even the most complex steps. You dance as well as your partner immediately, regardless of previous experience or sense of rhythm."

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