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Deer Ash Tray

Deer Ash Tray
Purchased in 2004
at Beckley's truck stop
Thurmont, MD

This ash tray looks like it was made in a middle school arts & crafts class. It has that kind of simple, well-meaning uselessness. I don't know what the white stuff is that the colored glass stones are set in, but it's porous and easily stained. And I could never stub my cigarette out in Bambi's face.

However, it was not lovingly made by a school child to enable her parents' smoking habit. I found a stack of them at Beckley's truck stop in Thurmont, Maryland. I bought them all, and gave away some as gifts. If you are the proud possessor of one of these, then you know that you are special to me. I have kept this last one, and I swear that I'll never use it. I just like looking at it.

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