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One could make the case for Halloween being one of the tackiest holidays.  It certainly is more so when you celebrate it as adult.  When I was young, it was sort of about having the best costume, but really all I could think of was scoring the most candy.  We would go trick or treating with paper grocery bags, and after covering as much of the neighborhood and beyond as we could, come home with our sacks half-full, at least.  For kids like me, who went to Catholic school, November 1 was a holy day of obligation, so we didn’t have to go to school.  We had all day to sort our candy, make trades with our siblings, and of course, eat it.

Now when I think of Halloween, I just wish I could come up with the coolest costume (the tackier, the better), and try to leave the candy to the kids.  We’ll be home to hand out treats, and hope for no tricks and a few leftovers.

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